Interested in Joining our Choir?

Campanillas is always looking for ringers to fill in as substitute ringers (when other ringers are absent) and full time ringers. Current members are handbell ringers who through experience and/or natural ability demonstrate their proficiency in ringing medium to difficult handbell repertoire, are willing to commit to attending weekly three-hour rehearsals September through May, have a personality which blends well with the group, and are willing to give priority to performance commitments.

Guests are always welcome at rehearsals, and attending as a guest is a good way to “check out” the group. (It is suggested you call ahead of time in case the rehearsal time or location is different that week.) Another option is to sign up as a sub. Occasionally one of our ringers can’t make a rehearsal, and rather than have other ringers try to cover the open bells in addition to their own, substitute ringers (“subs”) are scheduled to fill the spot for that rehearsal. Some of our full-time ringers started out as subs.

Full-time membership as a new ringer is dependent on successfully passing the audition process described below. Auditions are by appointment only, which can be discussed at rehearsal or by calling 480-998-5568. The optimum times of the year to audition are in August and January when the group is starting work on new repertoire, though an audition may be scheduled at any mutually convenient time of the year. An informal way of auditioning for the group is by attending rehearsals as a sub. On occasion (no more frequently than once a year in August) formal auditions are held, during which all full-time (and prospective) members participate in the process described below.

What will you get out of ringing with Campanillas?  The opportunity to work with fun and talented musicians, the opportunity to play at the Desert Botanical Gardens Las Noches de las Luminarias, and the chance to participate in local, national and international handbell conferences.
Please contact us for more information.

The audition process

The formal audition consists of three parts:

  1. Written multiple choice test on ringing techniques and notation
  2. Hands-on, one-on-one demonstration of rhythm, safe ringing techniques, and independent motion of hands (rhythm and techniques)
  3. Personality and attitude check

Parts (1) and (2) are covered during the audition appointment; part (3) is determined during group rehearsal.


  • Part 1 – AGEHR handbell and chime notation handbook (red and green cover)
  • Part 2 – Healthy Ringing, by Susan Berry; “Coordination Conundrums,” by Valerie Stephenson

News and Events

Looking for Venues

We are always looking for new venues to perform. Please contact us if you are interested in us playing at your church or at your next event! We also play weddings! We are also currently available for Christmas events. We are limited to weekend performaces with some execeptions, so please call for more information.

Interested in joining Campanillas?

We are looking for new members and subs. Check here for more information.


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